Patchwork Farm is located in the northeast Georgia Mountains, approximately equidistant from
Asheville, North Carolina, Greenville, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia.
Dave & Linda Bjarkman - Tiger, Georgia - 706-782-7578
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Breeding season started here on October 11.
We are pairing 3 rams with 15 ewes. Selections were made with an eye to maintaining the strong line of ewe horns we prize in our flock, as well as continuing to produce a primitive deer-like Jacob Sheep with an excellent hand spinning fleece.

The breeding line-up is posted on THE RAM PAGE.


We began our Jacob Sheep adventure in 1994, joined JSBA in 1995 and began to build a registered flock to be proud of. We've gathered sheep from all across the country - New York to Oregon and points between during the last 15 years. And we've sent sheep to New York and Oregon and points between.

Here at Patchwork, we believe strongly in preserving the diversity of the primitive American Jacob Sheep. I strive for a diverse flock - both genetically and visually, while still staying within the standards of JSBA.

I believe that the primitive Jacob Sheep is a hardy sheep and hardiness, easy lambing, and mothering skills to be of prime importance when selecting sheep. I have chosen to continue with the traditional deer like old style Jacob Sheep.

Selection criteria at Patchwork leans strongly towards excellent hand spinning fleeces and outstanding horns. I select ewes with strong, well placed horns, including strong laterals, on a feminine head and only use rams from a maternal line of four strong horns. Flock members are chosen and retained with an eye to both their ancestors and their descendants.

I believe strongly in the benefit of a conservation minded organization like JSBA and encourage you to check out

Member Jacob Sheep Breeders Association Flock #2895

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